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Honourable Senators, today I rise to pay tribute to a gentleman who is a pioneer of the Korean Canadian community, in the truest sense of the word. I'm honoured to also call him my mentor, advisor and friend. Dr. Doo Ho Shin has been a tireless community activist and leader for over four decades.

A renown physician in his field - he is the Korean counterpart of "Quincy" or "House"; and for a Canadian comparison -  Wojeck played to perfection by the late John Vernon.  He served (and retired) with distinction at the Surrey Memorial Hospital and within the Fraser Health Region as a general pathologist. He is an active partner of the BC Biomedical Laboratories, an essential medical centre which can be found in nearly every community within the Fraser Health region.  Dr. Shin is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in general and anatomical pathology. This is only a fraction of his achievements, which also include his certification as a ski instructor and various notable adventures, like his successful climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro last year.

In service to our nation, Doctor Shin is serving for a second term on the National Seniors Counci, which advises the Minister of Seniors. As the former Minister of Seniors, Senator Lebreton would know, Dr. Shin played an integral part with the rest of the Members of the Council in the NSC's Report on Elder Abuse, which continues to raise awareness about Elder Abuse and empower seniors from coast to coast to coast. 

As a dedicated leader of his community, Dr. Shin has served and headed several not-for-profit organizations.  He is currently the President of National Unification Advisory Council that advises the President of Republic of Korea. Most recently, he co-founded the Canada Korea Foundation, which aims to invigorate and deepen Canada Korea relations.

On a personal note, I have witnessed his model leadership in action. And like great leaders throughout history, Dr. Shin is a man of great humility and strength. A loving father of two successful professionals (a lawyer and a physician), with a long list of accolades and accomplishments and a heart of gold, I'm sure Honourable Senators will agree that Dr. Doo Ho Shin is deserving of this tribute for his leadership and contributions to Canada.

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