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Good evening, 

Ambassador Jo Daeshik, Col. Choi Chang-Min, colleagues in the House and Senate, ladies and gentlemen; and above all, our guests of honour and the focus of our gathering today, dear Veterans of the Korean War.

Bon soirée tout le monde. En particulier à nos distingués anciens combattants de la guerre de Corée, qui sont une fois de plus l'inspiration de notre rassemblement ce soir.

I am deeply honoured to join you this evening at the Turn Toward Busan International Observance that took place outside at the Monument to the Canadian Fallen. As you are aware, our ceremony coincides with the November 11th ceremony being held at the UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan, Korea at this time and with others "turning to Busan" across Canada and around the world. 

We gather this evening to commemorate the lives of the brave Canadians and Koreans and others of the UN Allied Force who served on land, at sea, and in the skies against communist aggression during the Korean War. We especially remember the 21 young souls who volunteered to fight from the Ottawa region, but never returned home to their families. They are being honoured and remembered at the UN Memorial Cemetery as we speak at a national Turn Toward Busan ceremony where a Canadian delegation of veterans are in attendance along with others from the 21 nations also invited to participate.

62 years later, as our Veterans of the Korean War grow old, and as more of them pass from our midst, we recommit ourselves to remembering them and what they did in the name of peace and freedom.

I stand before you as a Canadian and daughter of Korea who would not be here if it were not for all of you and all those who served and sacrificed in Korea.  

It was for the freedom of another people, that you shed your blood along with other nations of the world. Our brave Canadians volunteered at the prime of their youth, some even younger than 18 years of age, and only 5 short years after World War II, to uphold and defend our values and principles of democracy, freedom and human rights.

En Canada, nous nous souvenons des Canadiens qui reposent en paix dans le cimetière commémoratif des Nations Unies à Busan. Et les innombrables autres qui sont revenues blessés au corps et en esprit. 

From Canada, we remember the Canadians who lay at rest in the UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan and the countless others who came home wounded in body and in spirit. 

Your sacrifice and service is what makes Canada what it is today, so may each of you put the war at rest in your hearts.

Today, you can be proud of the thriving metropolis of 40 million people and the millions of Koreans who live around the world, who have achieved success on the shoulders of our Veterans. 

Tomorrow on Remembrance Day, we will honour the Canadian sacrifices in all the wars. Tonight, we give special thanks to our Korean War Veterans and remember the sacrifices made in the Turn Toward Busan International Observance. 

Nous sommes éternellement reconnaissants et savons que nous faisons partie de votre heritage.

We are eternally grateful and know that we are part of your legacy.

Anciens combattants, nous nous souviendrons toujours. Nous nous souviendrons.

Veterans, we will always remember. Lest we forget.

‎Gumsahumneeda. Merci mille fois.  Thank you.

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