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Good afternoon, Bonjour,

Mayor John Becker, honoured guests, and dear Veterans of the Korean War. I am deeply honoured to be here at the unveiling ceremony of the Memorial Stone here in Pitt Meadows and bring greetings on behalf of the Senate of Canada.

We gather today to commemorate this significant memorial that has been championed by Warren Byrnell through his vision to have a special memorial stone dedicated to all those who served and sacrificed their lives in the Korean War, just five short years after World War II.

62 years later, as our Veterans of the Korean War grow old, and as more of them pass from our midst, we recommit ourselves to remembering them and what they did in the name of peace and freedom.

We are free today because you sacrificed your yesterdays and answered the call to defend freedom and democracy in a country that you never heard of and for a people that you had never met.

The Korean War Memorial Stone is beautifully engraved and will forever remain as part of your legacy.

I would like to recognize Dan Kosicki of Meadows Landscaping who graciously donated the stone and brought it here. I also thank the staff here at Pitt Meadows for all their assistance in making the unveiling possible today.

Anciens combattants, nous nous souviendrons toujours. Nous nous souviendrons. (Veterans, we will always remember. Lest we forget.)

Merci mille fois.  Thank you.

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