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Hon. Yonah Martin: Honourable senators, under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada is making a difference on the world stage. Rather than proposing an election that no one wants, our government is opening up new markets for Canadian companies, and working to secure good jobs for Canadian families.

In January, we introduced Canada's Economic Action Plan to tackle the global recession here in Canada. The International Monetary Fund called our stimulus plan "large, timely and well targeted."

Prime Minister Harper recently met with world leaders at the G20 in Pittsburgh, as well as at the Friends of Democratic Pakistan and the Summit on Climate Change in New York. During these important meetings, we discussed measures to strengthen the global financial system and resist trade protectionism. We highlighted our desire to work with the government and people of Pakistan as they fight terrorism, and we re-stated our commitment to tackling climate change through sustained action to build a low-carbon economy.

Next year, we will host not one but two major economic summits and, in the process, help to usher in a key new role to be played at the G20.

Prime Minister Harper also took a strong stand against the President of Iran to ensure that Canada does not provide even the semblance of legitimacy to the president's history of anti-Semitism. We also made it clear that we expect the Iranian leadership to meet its obligations under UN Security Council resolutions and International Atomic Energy Agency requirements.

Furthermore, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, Stockwell Day, has launched free trade talks with Ukraine and signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with Kazakhstan. Minister Day has also opened a new trade office in India.

Honourable senators, our government is focused on tackling the global recession and sending Canadians back to work. We are accomplishing that by working within the global community and showing real leadership on the world stage.

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