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The Korean War Legacy Project is one of the key projects for the 70th anniversary #koreanwarforgottennomore campaign. In January, the Task Force (chaired by Senator Martin) met with the lead educator (President of Social Studies Educators Network of Canada, SSENC) of the Writing Team that will create an impactful educational resource about the Korean War, to be promoted and made available to teachers across Canada. SSENC is a national network of educators from every province and territory. Canada’s legacy project will be the third of its kind, following the publication of the American and UK resources. It is fitting for Canada to be the third project to be undertaken, paralleling the order of contributing nations to the UN Special Forces during the Korean War. Additionally, the student initiators of Intergenerational Integrities, who interviewed veterans and created essays, stories and poems that were then published in a special anthology, have been actively sharing quotes from their interviews on social media. If you have an Instagram account, you can follow them at @inter_gen_integrities