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March 1st, Korea Independence Movement Day, commemorates the day in 1919 when Koreans openly resisted the occupation by Imperial Japan and fought for their independence.

After a decade of Imperial Japanese military rule and forced annexation of Korea, the Korean people stood in solidarity, exhibiting strength, resilience and courage to demand their inherent right to freedom, self-determination and nationhood.

March 1st has become a national day to observe and reflect on the more than two million people who stood bravely together against forced assimilation, oppression and tyrannical rule. Freedom is never free and we must remain vigilant or risk losing our hard-fought liberties.  As the Republic of Korea faces political and civil unrest presently engulfing the country, I trust that the people of Korea will come together in eventuality to re-establish stability and forge ahead toward Korea’s greater success.

I stand united with members of the National Korean Canadian community to commemorate this historic day.  I am reminded of all those who have stood strong in the face of adversity to fight for the right to self-determination, to defend the defenseless, and to ensure liberty would reign in Korea; our elders, community leaders and veterans of the Korean War who have sacrificed so much to make Korea the country it is today.

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary which includes a deep and enduring friendship between Canada and Korea, I am pleased to announce a special project titled Korean Canadian Stories 150 (KCS 150). Please view the attached KCS 150 Package and Submission Form for more details.


KCS150 Project & GuidlinesKCS150 Submission Form

Description du projet & lignes directrices de présentations/ Formulaire de présentation KCS150 

KCS150 Project & Guidelines (Korean)/ KCS 150 Submission Form (Korean)

KCS150 Package for Veterans/ KCS150 Veterans Submission Form

KCS150 Project & Guidelines for Veterans (Korean)KCS 150 Veterans Submission From (Korean)