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Honourable senators, I rise today to speak about an outstanding Canadian entrepreneur and global leader, Barb Stegemann, creator of the 7 Virtues Beauty Company. She is also the author of The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen and the embodiment of her book as a working mother and wife of a successful international social enterprise that aims to change the world scent by scent.

Barb’s vision for her cosmetic line was originally inspired by her best friend, Captain Trevor Greene, who, while serving in Afghanistan in 2006, was brutally attacked by a Taliban fighter. She transformed her feelings of anger and vengeance to forgiveness and action that would truly honour her friend’s legacy of service in the Canadian military.

To love her friend was to love the people he was willing to die for. She realized that supporting Afghanistan’s economy was a key to building stability for its people. Her first perfume was the ‘‘Orange Blossoms of Afghanistan,’’ made with the oil of orange blossoms that grow in abundance, to empower farmers to harvest these crops in contrast to the illicit poppy crops of the Taliban. She later created other fragrances called ‘‘Noble Rose of Afghanistan,’’ ‘‘Vetiver of Haiti’’ and ‘‘Middle East Peace.’’ These beautiful fragrances are available across Canada at the Bay, in fact.


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