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Chapters 9 and 10, Marguerite Higgins Book, At War in Korea (August 18)


The following comprises Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 from the epic book by the late Marguerite Higgins, At War in Korea.

It has been rough copy edited to enhance readability of the type, but the text is exactly as it was published.

Chapter 9 of this remarkable book covers the invasion at Incheon, which the author, Marguerite Higgins participated in, landing in the fifth wave under fire from the beach. When a marine or soldier goes ashore fearing for his life, his eye looks for a threatening enemy, for a safe place to pause, take cover; his job is to defeat the enemy, drive them back. Many time his mind is a whirl of adrenaline, of primal emotion. He needs to get where his orders direct him, and he will try to get there alive and unhurt. He will try to do the job he must do. He doesn’t look around at things unnecessarily. He doesn’t have that leeway. His world, his life spans seconds, and changes even faster.

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