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Summer&Fall Newsletter 2014


Sincere greetings from Ottawa!

This special newsletter has been prepared by a new staff member, Grace Lee (see photo on page 5), who joins my very dedicated staff. We had a productive summer and the Fall sitting has been even busier. This special issue,mostly in photos, is being published now as so much has happened since the last issue. "A picture speaks a thousand words", they say.

As Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, I am working hard to manage the legislative priorities of our Government as well as serve our regional and national constituents. September 20-22 were three of the most memorable days in Ottawa, with the arrival of Her Excellency Park Geun-Hye, for her official state visit to Canada. The Canada Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA) is signed and in progress to be implemented in the new year, if all goes well in the House and the Senate, and in the National Assembly. I am looking forward to sponsoring the Bill (C-41) in the Senate, to ratify the agreement. Once implemented, there will be great benefits and opportunities for Canada and Korea.

Let us feel ever more grateful in light of the recent attacks.  During the upcoming Veterans Week, please "Turn Toward Busan" on November 10th to remember Canadians who are buried in Korea; and on November 11, pause to remember all those who have served and sacrificed throughout our military history to fight for the freedoms we enjoy today. Let us remember them. Lest we forget.

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