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Newsletter 2014


Sincere Greetings!

2014 has been a productive year filled with notable projects, events and milestones thus far. My dedicated staff and I have worked steadfastly, seven days a week nearly around the clock, to serve you to the best of our individual and collective abilities. We continue to work with such passion and commitment, inspired by the love and sacrifice of our veterans of the Korean War and all the community pioneers on whose shoulders we stand. It is such an honour for us to be in the Office of the Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, at this time in our lives. The Office is part of the Institution of the Senate, and affords us certain privileges which we appreciate wholly and deeply. In the midst of tragedies like the Sewol Ferry accident that took so many lives, the alarming increase of refugees that are being displaced by violence and conflict, we are ever mindful of how blessed we are to call Canada our home. As we prepare to celebrate Canada Day, the birth of our Nation, let us all count our blessings for the opportunity to take right action, embrace opportunities to better ourselves and better the lives of others, and celebrate what it mean to be Canadian.

On behalf of my staff and our families, Happy Canada Day!


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