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Happy New Year!

With great honour and pleasure, I extend sincere greetings on behalf of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Senate of Canada. 2009 was a most eventful and historic year - for Canada, for Korea, for the world, and most certainly for me and my family. As a Senator of our nation, of British Columbia, of Metro-Vancouver, and of Korean heritage - I have the opportunity to serve countless Canadians in a variety of capacities. This newsletter - designed by my talented intern, Janelle Visser and edited by Rachael Durie - highlights my work in Ottawa; and what my amazing staff (Paul Seear, Rachael Durie and Ed Sem) and I do regionally, nationally and internationally. Thank you for your active participation and invaluable contributions in 2009. May you and your loved ones be blessed with good health throughout the year. 2010 awaits with much promise and hope!


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