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New Monument to Turkey's Fallen dedicated in the United Nations Memorial Cemetery

Korean War Veteran Internet Journal for the World’s Veterans of the Korean War November 23, 2014     New Monument to Turkey’s Fallen Soldiers dedicated in the United Nations Memorial Cemetery just before November 11 Turn Toward Busan ceremony   Minister Park Sung Choon addresses Turkey’s Ambassador and Veterans at dedication ceremonies for the new Turkish Memorial in the United Nations Memorial  Cemetery at Busan. Turkish graves are immediately…
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Summer&Fall Newsletter 2014

  Sincere greetings from Ottawa! This special newsletter has been prepared by a new staff member, Grace Lee (see photo on page 5), who joins my very dedicated staff. We had a productive summer and the Fall sitting has been even busier. This special issue,mostly in photos, is being published now as so much has happened since the last issue. "A picture speaks a thousand words", they say. As Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, I am working hard to manage the legislative prio…
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Newsletter 2014

  Sincere Greetings! 2014 has been a productive year filled with notable projects, events and milestones thus far. My dedicated staff and I have worked steadfastly, seven days a week nearly around the clock, to serve you to the best of our individual and collective abilities. We continue to work with such passion and commitment, inspired by the love and sacrifice of our veterans of the Korean War and all the community pioneers on whose shoulders we stand. It is such an honour for us to be…
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  OTTAWA, ON- 2013 was a milestone year as the "Year of Korea and Canada", marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations. This historic year has been a year of celebration for the National Korean-Canadian community from coast to coast. We also look ahead with a shared vision for continued growth and prosperity for the next 50 years. 2013 also marked the Year of the Korean War Veteran, to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Armistice. Korea would not be where…
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