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Korean War Forgotten No More! 70th Anniversary of the Breakout of the Korean War

Korean War Forgotten No More

70th Anniversary of the Breakout of the Korean War

OTTAWA, ON - The Honourable Yonah Martin marked the historic 70th anniversary of the breakout of the Korean War on June 25, 2020, in honour of our beloved veterans of the Korean War and the 516 Canadian fallen, in a Statement in the Senate Chamber and with questions to the Government Leader in the Senate.

An excerpt from the Senator’s Statement:

“70 years ago, in the early morning hours of June 25, 1950, the communist forces of North Korea launched an all out offensive against the South Korean people. Within three weeks, all that remained of the country was a small defensive perimeter around the port of Busan…16 nations, including Canada, descended upon Korea to stem the tide of battle and bring deliverance to a desperate people…

“Honourable Senators, when these heroes of the Korean War returned to Canada, they found empty train and bus stations, no ticker tape parades, just people going about their usual business, oblivious to the Korean War that had taken millions of lives including the lives of their fellow Canadians who remain buried in Busan to this day…

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