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How Silent You Rest

How silent you rest, my fallen friends, from so many lands,

Gentle roses grow above your graves, masking those days of darkness, when you fell,

When your noble bodies, were carried here, and wrapped in tent canvas, and placed side by side, beneath this sacred soil.

Now the grand Republic of Korea, marks its 71st year, as a free, and very independent, prosperous nation…

And though you may sleep, beneath the roses,

The strength of your courageous spirit, lives within the hearts of the strong, and free Korean people,

It rejoices with those who compose, and sing, this nation’s beautiful songs, and music,

And with those, whose crystalline and oaken voices, bring wonder to the world’s stages, and to films, in many lands,

Your spirit lives with those who paint the glorious Korean seasons, trying to capture each new day’s splendor,

And inspires the sculptor, who sets a chisel upon Korea’s mighty stone, to carve deep his love and thoughts…

So those yet to come, may know the tenor of these peaceful days.

The beacon of hope you lit in those darkest nights, now blazes bright, in every Korean home, and school, and place of work,

And the beauty of your soul entwines, with every sweet vision, and soft sound, and kind word, of the wonderfully, progressive, resilient, Korean people,

They will see your kind faces, in every glorious sunrise, that blesses this good land.

Gudeerin dongsin dul uhl Kiok Garsipneeda


By Vince Courtney


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