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January 28, 2019

Battle of Kapyong memorialized by 6.5 ton Kapyong Stone, shipped to Langley, British Columbia by Gapyeong County community

Kapyong (now spelled Gapyeong) is a very small city some 60 miles north by
northwest out of Seoul. In April, 1951 the 27th Commonwealth Brigade blocked
the advance units of two Chinese Divisions which were bent on reaching the
crossroads at scenic Chungchong.

From there it would be a rush down the unpaved highway to Seoul, at least in
theory. U.S. reserve forces, included massive artillery and fighter bombers that had complete air mastery could have decimated the units on open ground. Yet many of the rear force units, including logistical bases, would have to be rolled back from the field of battle.

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