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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. As a proud British Columbian, I was honoured to be called by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to serve as one of the six senators for the "Jewel of the Pacific." I am committed to serving the constituents of British Columbia and Canada to the best of my abilities. I hope that you will find useful information here about the Senate and the important role it plays in a democratic society. Please visit our site regularly as we will be updating it on a regular basis.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office at 613-947-4078 (1-800-267-7362) or email at

Senator Yonah Martin 


 Special Feature

 "Turn Toward Busan International Observance"

 Passage of Bill S-213

 Passage of Bill S-213 " 'Korean War Veterans Day' to remember and honour the courage and sacrifice of Canadians who served in the Korean War (1950-1953) and performed peacekeeping duties following the armistice of July 27, 1953".

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  10-rprd.jpg    Standing Senate Commitee on Human Rights


 Inter-Parliamentary Associations/Groups

  • Canada-Korea Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group (Co-Chair)
  • The Inter-Parliamentary Union (Vice-Chair)
  • Canada-Bulgaria Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group (Chair)
  • Canada-Azerbaijan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group (Director)
  • Canada-Burma Parliamentary Friendship Group (Sectretary-Treasurer)
  • Canada-China Inter-Parliamentary Association (Member)
  • Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Association (Member)
  • Canada-Morocco Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group (Director)
  • Canada-Pakistan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group (Director)
  • Canada-Philippines Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group (Director)
  • Canada-Taiwan Friendship Group (Director)
  • Canada-Ukraine Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-US Inter-Parliamentary Association
  • Parliamentary Friends of Tibet (Member)
  • Canada-Mongolia Parliamentary Friendship Group